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Join the fun in 2024 with a Fly on the Wall Press membership!


  • Receive 25% off all our titles all year, with goodies in each parcel!
  • You will also receive a brand new limited edition tote bag and a year long subscription to our Substack worth £45 (weekly interviews, industry insiders, stories and writing tips).
  • 3 novels, 3 short story collections, 2 poetry collections
  • Each book will be shipped at least two weeks prior to publication! That means you will receive a new book almost every month to devour.


Books to look forward to in 2024...






  • Friday 27th September 2024  SJ Bradley's short story collection 'Maps of Imaginary Towns'. From a woman dreaming of escape via rocket from an oppressive colony planet, to a drab council estate, where a little girl finds magic in hardship.


  • Friday 11th October 2024 Modern Gothic - Our curated anthology series continues! Short stories to chill your bones. 7 international writers


  • Monday 18th November 2024  Literary Fiction Novella 'Lying Perfectly Still' by Laura Fish. Lying Perfectly Still follows Koliwe who travels to her "ancestral southern Africa" to work as an aid worker during the AIDS crisis. When Thandi, a local girl whom Koliwe befriends, goes missing, Koliwe tries to search for the truth and is "orced to face the complexities of her own past.


  • Monday 2nd December 2024 Katie Oliver's second short story collection 'Ingrown'. From a teenage swimmer grappling with an ingrown hair that takes on a life of its own, to a town besieged by uncontrollable moss growth and a composer haunted by a horror soundtrack, each story pushes the boundaries of our imagination.

2024 FOTW Membership and Subscription

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