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Announcing 'Ingrown': Katie Oliver’s second collection!

‘The hairs are always buried much deeper than you think.’

Immerse yourself in the depths of the uncanny in Katie Oliver’s much-anticipated second collection

Fly on the Wall Press is excited to announce the upcoming acquisition of "Ingrown," a collection of short stories by Katie Oliver, scheduled for publication on December 2nd, 2024. In this captivating collection, readers will be transported into a world where the natural and supernatural blend seamlessly, as characters embark on journeys of self-discovery.

Within these pages, readers will encounter an array of uncanny tales that straddle the line between reality and the extraordinary. Oliver's vivid narratives offer a glimpse into the space where the everyday collides with the unexpected. From a teenage swimmer grappling with an ingrown hair that takes on a life of its own, to a town besieged by uncontrollable moss growth and a composer haunted by a horror soundtrack, each story pushes the boundaries of our imagination.

Throughout this collection, Oliver examines the intricacies of human and non-human relationships, addressing themes that transcend gender. Characters search to uncover hidden truths about themselves and grapple with topics ranging from death and suicide to sexual assault.

Katie Oliver, a highly regarded author hailing from Kerry, has garnered recognition with her work being shortlisted and longlisted for various prestigious competitions, including the Bridport and Bristol Prizes. "Ingrown" serves as the follow-up to her debut collection, "I Wanted To Be Close To You," which earned a nomination for the Saboteur Awards. For more information about the author, you can follow her on Twitter @katie_rose_o.

To request an ARC of the collection, please email Isabelle Kenyon on

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