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In politically-neutral Neo-Yuthea, Albert Smith’s orderly life is disrupted when Mr. Zand campaigns for Mayor, leading to uncertain times. Shocking deaths caused by strange forest creatures, enforced arranged marriages, and the impending suppression of Albert’s secret garden meetings bring the community to the brink of chaos. Albert and his neighbours must rally together, resisting the encroaching darkness and fighting for their freedom before their world crumbles.


"Harper’s prose is reminiscent of some of the finest writers this country has produced; he writes with a style classic in nature, and yet post-modern in both form and content. As a writer of primarily the new weird science fiction, Harper has found his home."

-Robert Welbourn, author of 'Belonging' and 'Ideal Angels'.


"A witty, thought-provoking satirical fable."

- Stu Hennigan, Author of 'Ghost Signs'


About the Author:


Elliot J Harper is a speculative fiction writer who lives in Leeds, England with his wife, Naomi. His short story, In the Garden, won The Molotov Cocktail magazine's Flash Vision 2021 contest. He has short stories in print as follows: The Curious Case of the Speaking Telegraph in the Spirit Machine: Tales of Seance Fiction &, Into the Forest in The Wild Hunt: Stories of the Chase by Air and Nothingness Press, There's a Dead Bear in the Pool in Black Telephone Issue 1 by Clash Books, Blackout in The Protest Issue of Popshot Quarterly Magazine. He has various short stories online in Maudlin House, Storgy, Neon Books, Coffin Bell, Horrified Magazine and Idle Ink. His monthly blog, A Brief Chat, hosts interviews with publishers, magazines, authors, and other creatives.

New Gillion Street by Elliot J Harper


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