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In this gripping psychological thriller, faith-healer Amber thinks she's found peace in Lehi, the small Mormon town she's moved her family to. But when a death affects her family, her safe haven shatters. As the tight-knit community closes ranks to protect its secrets at all costs, Amber's world unravels. With her beliefs shaken and nothing feeling certain anymore, she's faced with an impossible choice: take a leap of faith to protect her loved ones, or risk losing everything by exposing the truth.


"Luring you in with promises of happily ever after, Kenyon quickly removes any feelings of comfort..." - The Northern Bookworm


But how far is too far when it comes to protecting those you love?








‘intense and compelling…an enormously talented writer’ - Shabnom Khanom


'a honed and beautiful writing style…not your usual psychological thriller’ - Debz Hobbs-Wyatt


'A must-read for fans of Paula Hawkins or M. T. Edvarsson... A gripping, pacy thriller.'  - Northern Soul Magazine


'Isolated and without even her faith to call on, Amber is left to determine how much darkness is really within her.' - The Northern Bookworm


'Kenyon’s book explores themes of faith, motherhood and marriage with nuance. At the same time, the plot propels the reader forward with the claustrophobic tension of recent grip-lit classics like The Girl on the Train.' - Crime Culture Magazine


About the Author:


Isabelle Kenyon is a Manchester writer and the author of 5 chapbooks including Growing Pains (Indigo Dreams).  She has had work and articles published internationally and newspapers such as The Somerville Times and The Bookseller.


The Dark Within Them by Isabelle Kenyon


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