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Isabelle Kenyon

Managing Director


Isabelle Kenyon is a Manchester writer and the author of psychological thriller 'The Dark Within Them', poetry collections including Growing Pains (Indigo Dreams) and one short story with Wild Pressed Books ('The Town Talks').

In 2018 she founded Fly on the Wall Press, a political publisher of fiction and poetry, achieving Small Press finalist status at the British Book Awards for the last four years and winning in the North in 2024!

She has had work published internationally in journals such as Ink, Sweat and Tears and newspapers such as The Somerville Times and The Bookseller. She coordinates the Northern Fiction Alliance at Comma Press and runs PR campaigns for writers and publishers under Kenyon Author Services (

She has performed at Cheltenham Poetry Festival and Verbose, Manchester in 2020, Leeds International Festival as part of the 'Sex Tapes',  Apples and Snakes' 'Deranged Poetesses' in 2019 and Coventry Cathedral's Plum Line Festival in 2018. She is a fierce dog and guinea pig lover and a confessed caffeine addict.

She can be contacted at for press opportunities or if your email is regarding her freelance author services, independent of her work for Fly on the Wall Press.

Louisa Wagstaff

Marketing and PR Intern (on hiatus)

Hi, I'm Louisa, an English Literature finalist at Durham University. In my spare time I love reading (of course!), running and pilates. My favourite book of all time is Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and my current favourite is Milk Teeth by Jessica Andrews: both feature strong but fallible and vulnerable female protagonists!


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