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PRE-ORDER: This book will be shipped in early January 2025. Publication: Jan 19th 2025.


“Who’s afraid of a girl who shines bright?”

In this spellbinding collection of uncanny short stories, Rosie Garland invites readers into a world where the familiar is transformed, and the boundaries between the natural and supernatural blur. “Your Sons and Daughters are Beyond” explores the extraordinary lives of people who defy expectations, transcending the limits imposed by society and the laws of nature itself.


Garland’s stories are equal parts enchanting and disquieting, weaving together elements of magical realism and the haunting undercurrents of our deepest fears and desires. With a deft hand, she unveils the extraordinary within the ordinary, inviting readers to embrace the transformative potential within us all.


Brace yourself for a journey into the unknown, where the impossible becomes reality, and the boundaries of imagination are pushed to their limits.


Praise for Rosie Garland:


Echoes of Angela Carter’s more fantastical fiction reverberate through this exuberant tale …enjoyably energetic’ - SUNDAY TIMES

'A mesmerising blend of mythology and modernity speaking \"the mother tongue.\" A tale, capturing the heart in a world where we are lost.' - Defne Suman, author of THE SILENCE OF SCHEHERAZADE


About the Author

Rosie Garland writes short and long fiction, poetry and hybrid works that fall between and outside definition. She’s lead singer in post-punk band The March Violets. Poetry collection ‘What Girls Do In The Dark’ (Nine Arches Press) was shortlisted for the Polari Prize 2021 and her novel The Night Brother was described by The Times as “a delight…with shades of Angela Carter.” Val McDermid has named her one of the most compelling LGBT+ writers in the UK today. Her latest novel, ‘The Fates’ (Quercus) is a retelling of the Greek myth of the Fates. In 2023 she was made Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.


Your Sons and Daughters are Beyond by Rosie Garland


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