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A series of personal, curated interviews with internationally-acclaimed literary editors. This book is the chance to widen your horizons as a writer, discovering new and established literary journals across the world. Sit down with these experienced editors to find out what they really want from a submission, and allow them to demystify the publishing process, across a wide range of genres.


“Accessible and informative, In Conversation with… Literary Journals is an essential tool for emerging and established writers, publishing their work across all genres. Make space for it on your bookshelf.” 

- Dr Jenna Clake, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Teesside University


"Fly on the Wall Press has produced another invaluable resource to support emerging as well as established writers. In Conversation With…Literary Journals contains a stuffed treasure trove of guidance for writers who are keen to engage with this vital element of the wider creative industry. The conversations in this publication aren’t just practical, they will also help aspiring submitters to capture the ethos and creative values of a diverse range of literary journals. Once again, this is an absolute must-have publication from the editors at Fly on the Wall Press." 

-Dr. Jack McGowan, Head of Department of English, Media & Culture, University of Worcester


This book was inspired by ‘In Conversation with...Small Press Publishers’, published by Fly on the Wall Press, in collaboration with Sabotage Reviews. Suitable for writers of short stories, poetry, flash fiction and cross-genre artforms, at all stages of their career.


Interviews with 40 international journal editors including: streetcake magazine, The New Verse News, Ink Pantry Publishing, IAMB, ZiN Daily, The Broken Spine, NEON Books, Reckoning Magazine, The Journal, Wildness, Blink-Ink, Tint journal, Long poem magazine, Idle ink, Rough Diamond Poetry Journal, Raleigh Review, Tahoma Literary Review, The Frogmore Papers, Squawk Back, Ambit, Flashback Fiction, Anthropocene, Fly on the Wall Press, Not Deer Magazine, Capsule Stories, GUTTER, Full House Literary Magazine, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Parhelion Literary Magazine, The Dawntreader Magazine & Sarasvati Magazine, Here Comes Everyone magazine, The Alchemy Spoon, Shooter Literary Magazine, Skirting Around Magazine, UP YOURS magazine,  Porridge, Foxglove Journal, Agenda poetry journal,  Dear Reader, Seafront Press.


"Tell the story you want to tell, not the one you think we want to hear. We love originality. We love seeing work that challenges us and gets its claws stuck in our mind. Nothing does this to us more than work that comes from the gut, work that begs you to see it through to the end. We want your gut stories, not your fluff." - Not Deer Magazine, USA


"Abid Hussain, Diversity Director at the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council), says: “How many would-be working-class artists, artistic directors, choreographers, composers and curators decided to enter accounting, legal, medical and engineering professions instead?” The Alchemy Spoon aims to demonstrate that this talent was not lost but waiting for a reappraisal of priorities, an unleashing of latent creativity, waiting for its time." - The Alchemy Spoon, UK



In Conversation with... Literary Journals

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