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Magical realism/dystopian/fantasy



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‘There had been a murder...’


Blurb: Tyranny is in the air in the city of Finer Bay, and Professor Wendowleen Cripcot would like to be left alone, thank you very much. The memories of the last one hundred years are quite enough to be getting on with, if only these young upstarts from the government body, The Finery, would stop trying to control her every move. With the eyes of a dictator upon her, there are not many places to hide...but Wendowleen has never been one to back down from a fight (just ask her pet wolf), and insurrection is brewing underground.


"The elderly heroine and her wolf make a refreshing change in this whimsical, gently satirical fantasy debut about how easily a police state might evolve."
- Lisa Tuttle, The Guardian


"With wry humour and vicious imagination, Grosvenor's debut compels us not to allow her nightmarish fantasy of a totalitarian police state to become reality." - Joe Bedford, Author of 'A Bad Decade for Good People', Parthian Books


  • This debut from an experienced writing coach and mentor is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett and is sure to be a hit with fans of fantasy and political and feminist fiction.
  • Editor Isabelle Kenyon says..."Though a more fantasy genre, protagonist Wendowleen reminded me of ‘The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ for how lovable and grouchy she is as an unlikely leader and I loved her journey to discovering, and then leading, an underground rebellion… Wendowleen’s wolf – meant to be a guardian for her in her old age, has never learnt to speak English and he’s a bit lazy at his duties… Indeed the world reminded me of Harry Potter for the comedic undertones, mixed with real-world corrupt government policy, such as the 80s Tory policy of the bedroom tax (the government wants Wendowleen to downsize for the ‘greater good’ and a city curfew is introduced at 8pm to ‘stop crime’ (and mute rebellious spirits…)!)"


About the Author


Rachel Grosvenor is a writer from Birmingham, UK, with a PhD, MA and BA in Creative Writing. With a passion for telling fantastical tales, Rachel has written poetry and short stories for reviews and anthologies worldwide. When she's not writing, she spends her time editing, coaching, and wondering what's for elevenses.

The Finery by Rachel Grosvenor


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