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Allow these visceral and poignant narratives to immerse you in a woman’s world. Richards’ and Oliver’s stories are situated in liminal settings which mix elements of fantasy and reality to create enigmatic, transportive and female-focussed worlds. Highlighting the unpredictability of the female experience, we read female figures metamorphosing, female voices striving to be heard and female minds positioned on the brink of insanity.


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Sylvia Plath Watches Us Sleep…But We Don’t Mind by Victoria Richards

A Jewish woman having unnatural thoughts about the softness of another woman’s skin. A feminist arranges to meet her online troll. A woman worries whether she should sit content in a marriage that has turn uncomfortable…until she falls in love with a tree. Short stories  of midnight musings, of women itching to be heard and of delightful insanities.


‘If there is a better way to spend an evening than curled u on an armchair with this beautiful book, then I don’t know about it and I don’t want to. Richards is a master storyteller […] They are stories with demand to be read and then read again. They are stories which stay with you long after you’ve put the book down.’
- Amelia Loulli, Poet


‘These eeries short stories themed around mental health, grief, and dysfunctional relationships are a strange delight to read. Victoria Richards’ prose is artful, ethereal, and thrilling.’
- Golnoosh Nour


I Wanted To Be Close To You by Katie Oliver

The world is unpredictable and no woman is safe. Boundaries are blurred: between fantasy and reality, technology and nature, autonomy and oppression. The threat of violence simmer throughout as women transform into birds, converse with plants and plot their revenge. These dark tale swill put down roots and stay with you long after reading: how close…is too close?


‘Reading the stories in Katie Oliver’s debut collection is like taking a walk through an enchanted forest. There are patches of sudden light, dustings of magic and the sprinkle of surrealism, but each story is another step down the dark unknown path into the dank heart of humanity. Sharply observed and beautifully written, this is not a collection to be missed.’
- Laura Belsey, author of ‘The Almost-Mothers’, ‘100ne Hundred’ and ‘(Un)Natural Elements’


‘a visceral and poignant debut collection from an author who is unafraid to deal with the messy complexity of human experience. This is a writer who is demonstrating expert precision in the use of short-form prose to explore themes of death and birth, love and loss in settings that feel alarming in their environmental prescience.’
- Claire Carroll, winner of the Short Fiction/University of Essex Wild Writing Prize

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