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The full works of Morag Anderson!

Includes 15% off the following chapbooks:


1. And I Will Make of You a Vowel Sound

2023 Aryamati Pamphlet Award Winner



“Delicate and furious, Anderson’s second collection is a haunting act of worship, of rebellion, and story. Glorious.”
- Joelle Taylor, Poet and Playwright

In her second chapbook, And I Will Make of You a Vowel Sound, Morag Anderson places centre stage an unlikely cast of neglected, exploited, and unsung characters. These poems uncover many of the contradictions of life lived in the female body and bear witness to largely forgotten yet highly personal stories, woman by woman, girl by girl. Confident and assured of voice, she navigates womanhood and its attendant desires and abuses, permitting the reader to embrace the power and vulnerability encased in the female form. Anderson’s delicate choice of words 'unlace restraint’ and take us to the limits of the female body’s potential.


2. Sin is Due to Open in a Room Above Kitty's

Scottish poet Morag Anderson explores relationships and the damage people can do to each other in her debut chapbook: concealed violence, love and everything in between.


"Morag Anderson writes bold poems of survival charged by constraint and release. Here are lived realities of escaping abusive patriarchs and pious cruelties. Yet these honest, unsentimental poems find joy and lyricism in unexpected places: a defiant note left on a pew, a cherishing of the private 'width of my skies'. 'Pour me over ice smashed / like fallen birds' instructs one speaker to those who will bury her. Reader, drink in: this intimate, invigorating gathering is a tonic to savour." - John Mccullough, Winner of the 2020 Hawthornden Prize for Literature


"Stark, raw & devastatingly honest, these confessional poems will thunder like a night train through the darkest tunnel of your heart." - Ali Whitelock, Author of ‘the lactic acid in the calves of your despair.'


Morag Anderson Poetry Bundle

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