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This Christmas with Fly on the Wall Press

As the days are getting shorter and the rain continues to pour down, Fly on the Wall Press has the perfect offerings to get you through the dark nights and autumnal blues. From online panels, to readings, to exciting book launches, check out the details of our upcoming events and how you can get involved!


The Naming of Moths by Tracy Fells

Friday 10th November 2023

Order your copy here!

Fly on the Wall Press is delighted to announce the upcoming release of our latest collection of magical realism short stories from Tracy Fells.

Myths and fairytales are retold and the lines between fantasy and realism, and humans, animals and monsters are blurred. Tracy’s stories tackle the timeless themes of motherhood, family tragedy and the grieving process in the aftermath of these tragedies, told through a variety of individuals struggling with unstable identities. Tracy often chooses to write from the perspective of the outsider, with the immigrant experience at the centre of many of her stories in this collection. With a strong narrative voice, Tracy doesn’t shy away from commentary on the way we live today and the attitudes we have towards those who we perceive to be different from us.

With stories that combine the heartbreaking and hopeful, with characters that shift between human and animal, and with landscapes that traverse fairytale woodlands and urban homes, The Naming of Moths is a unique collection, carefully considered and written with depth.


The Finery: A Christmas Chapter

Monday 11th December

6:30 - 7:30pm


Tickets via Eventbrite

Join us online for an enchanting evening with author Rachel Grosvenor as she unveils a brand-new Christmas chapter from feminist fantasy The Finery!

Get ready to be transported to a world of festive magic and heart-warming tales. Rachel will be sharing her captivating storytelling skills, sprinkled with holiday cheer. Whether you're a fan of her previous works or new to her writing, this event is a must for anyone seeking a cozy and delightful Christmas experience. So grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up by the fire, and let Rachel Grosvenor's words fill your heart with the joy of the season!


Paths into Poetry: polish your craft and boost your publishing potential

Thursday 14th December

7:00 - 8:00pm


Tickets via Eventbrite

How do I find and establish my personal poetic style? How do I effectively construct a poetry collection? How should I approach publishers and sell my work? How do I navigate the publishing landscape?

If you have ever asked these questions, this is the perfect workshop for you. With the help of some exciting contemporary poets, Fly on the Wall presents 'Paths into Poetry: polish your craft and boost your publishing potential.'

The publishing space can be a daunting place in which to find yourself, which is something our five panellists know only too well. Having successfully established their place within the poetic sphere with their immersive, evocative and best-selling collections, Katrina Dybzynska, Matt Broomfield, Dal Kular, Julian Bishop and Morag Anderson are here to provide invaluable industry insight to assist any prospective poets on their journey to publication.

Answering questions on all-things-poetry, from poetic craft, finding your way into and through the publishing space, to how to consolidate your poetic persona after publication, 'Paths into Poetry' provides crucial insiders' advice and will be sure to leave you enlightened and galvanise you on your journey to success.


The Process of Poetry edited by Rosanna McGlone

18th December 2023

Order your copy here!

Rosanna McGlone has curated a unique and insightful collection of fifteen interviews with some of the most influential contemporary poets, including Don Paterson, Regi Claire, Mona Arshi, Pascale Petit, Gillian Clarke and Hannah Lowe amongst others. Poets are asked to strip their poems bare and uncover their craft.

What makes this collection stand out is that, prefacing each interviewing, is an early draft followed by the final version of a chosen poem. McGlone and the poets imbue poetry with personality, exposing its flaws and vulnerabilities before final publication. Shining a spotlight on the meticulous editorial processes involved in writing a poem, we are given a privileged insight. Indeed, Kim Moore has selected ‘a very personal poem which I have never discussed or read in public.’ Some poets have even chosen to have the actual hand-written page of the drafted version printed in the book, providing an even greater sense of intimacy with the writing process.

In the interviews that follow, McGlone’s questions demand the poets scrutinise their craft. From the specifics of changes in syntax, form and structure to their literary inspirations to advice they would give to aspiring poets, we gain unmediated access to the poets’ minds in this hugely insightful collection. Leaving no stone unturned, whether you are a critic interested in different applications of poetic form, a prospective poet looking for insiders’ advice or simply a lover of poetry, the expansive coverage of this collection appeals to a broad readership.

As an internationally acclaimed journalist, writer and critic for The Guardian and other outlets, Rosanna McGlone’s extensive knowledge in the field shines through in her expert curation of this collection.


For the perfect Christmas gift, we have put together book bundles to satisfy anyone's taste or to introduce a loved one to something new!

The Uncanny Bundle features best-selling short story collections, I Wanted To be Close To You by Katie Oliver, and Sylvia Plath Watches US Sleep...But We Don't Mind by Victoria Richards. These stories are situated in liminal settings which mix elements of fantasy and reality to create enigmatic, transportive and female-focussed worlds. Highlighting the unpredictability of the female experience, we read female figures metamorphosing, female voices striving to be heard and female minds positioned on the brink of insanity.

The Bundle to Keep you Awake at Night features two gripping novels by critically-acclaimed thriller writer Liam Bell. Descend into the dark worlds between the pages of these books that you really won't be able to forget easily...

The Ecopoetry Bundle offers three insightful poetry collections by exciting contemporary poets, Julian Bishop, Rachel Bower and 2023 Aryamati Prize winner, Ricky Ray. Perfect for the climate-conscious, these poets navigate the intrinsic connection between humans and nature, lamenting a world loved and being lost, through evocative writing.


Offering something for everyone, Fly on the Wall Press has defintely got you covered this festive season!

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