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So you're thinking of entering the 2021 Aryamati Poetry Prize...

The 2021 Aryamati Poetry Prize is currently open for pamphlet entries until midnight of the 5th of October, 2021. The annual prize, which this year is seeking pamphlets that explore themes of social change and/or peace, offers a wealth of rewards for the winner, including 2022 publication of your pamphlet with us!

If you're thinking of entering the Aryamati Poetry Prize but are unsure whether your pamphlet fits the bill, we've gathered some pamphlets that encompass the themes well.

Pamphlet inspiration

Tree by Natalie Whittaker

Verve Press (2021)

This delicate, harrowing pamphlet is a personal exploration on the traumas of stillbirth and mental illness, encouraging a more open dialogue on these subjects that are all too often taboo or shied away from in society.

Kissing in the Dark by Pat Edwards

Indigo Dreams (2020)

This is a pamphlet that contributes openly, angrily, and carefully to the changing discourse of gender and politics in the modern world, including contemporary power dynamics within relationships and struggles with identity.

Subterranean by Harry Gallagher

Wild Pressed Books (2020)

This is an urgent and empathetic pamphlet committed to exploring the exploitation of the earth for its minerals, as well as those that work or worked in the notorious conditions of the industry.

Liar Liar by Brian McManus

Hedgehog Poetry Press (2020)

This pamphlet offers a critique on modern society in many forms, including how the people of both the UK and the USA have paid for constitutional failures with their lives, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some poetry by the previous Aryamati Prize winners...

2020 winner, Jenny Mitchell:

Her Lost Language

Indigo Dreams (2019)

This collection explores how black lives and family dynamics were impacted by British transatlantic enslavement, using the medium of poetry to articulate both the horrors of history as well as a hope for healing in the future.

Map of a Plantation

Indigo Dreams (2021)

This collection is the successor to Jenny's previous title (above), and explores the relationship between those that enslaved and those that were enslaved. It is the 2021 winner of the Poetry Book Awards.

2019 winner, Pippa Little:

The Spar Box

Vane Women (2006)

This pamphlet is one that focuses on themes of exile, including of the mother tongue, of physical dislocation between states, and of valuable belongings; Pippa weaves myth with metaphor throughout these poems.

Enter your pamphlet now

As you can see, the Aryamati Prize's founding theme of social change and peace can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. With just under two weeks left to enter your pamphlet for the 2021 prize and be in for a chance of winning 2022 publication with us, check out the full submission guidelines.

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