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Ricky Ray longlisted for the 2021 Laurel Prize!

We are incredibly thrilled to announce that Ricky Ray's poetry collection,

'The Sound Of The Earth Singing To Herself' has been longlisted for the 2021 Laurel Prize.

The Laurel Prize, which remains one of the most prolific nature poetry prizes, is an annual prize centred on the collections that start a conversation on the current climate crisis affecting our planet.

This year, the Laurel Prize was judged by Maura Dooley, Imtiaz Dharker, and James Thornton, and Ricky's collection was picked as part of a strong global submissions group.

'The Sound Of The Earth Singing To Herself' is a poetry collection that explores physical pain and human fragility, increasingly worrying climate issues, and a beautiful intimacy with the nature surrounding us.

Excerpt from the collection:

Prelude: Quiet Opens The Door

It's snowing,

and the mind is most beautiful

when she whispers

her thoughts

so far down

into quiet,

one can hear an idea

echo all the way back to creation,

and the Universe - that quivering mouse -

has a chance to slip out

into the owl-less hours

to admire what's become of itself.

Congrats again Ricky! We are so proud of this collection.

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