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Regional Finalist in the British Book Awards (Second Year Running!)

Let's be honest, 2020 has been gruelling for independent publishers and any small business owners. Being recognised in the British Book Awards, alongside such strong talent in the North of England, really brings home the power of the Small Press.

We work so hard - I say we because we have some amazing authors who really lift everything that I strive to do, and we have some fantastic, supportive organisations such as charities and regional powerhouses (MCR City of Lit, Poetry Library, streetcake magazine and more) who aim to spread the word of our books - and for the work to be recognised as of national quality, makes all the hard times worth it. Thank you also to the fabulous Kayla, Amber, Siem and Alienor who have worked with us on internships throughout the past year.

So let us celebrate Northern talent! All our Northern authors or Northern-themed titles are on 10% off until Friday 26th of February, 2021. They are:

Pigskin by Dr. David Hartley which launches next week you lucky things -

Launches March 26th 2021

(A debut after writing and performing for 50 years!)

(Long-form narrative poem)

Would it be a northern celebration without our showcase of Manchester talent? Poetry, photography and artwork from our city f.t. Lemn Sissay and Jackie Hagan. Mancunian Ways indeed.

Some Short story collections in your life? Transport yourself into Macanese myths with Graeme Hall's The Goddess of Macau.

A hard-hitting debut of short stories from Scottish LQBTQ+ activist, Kevin Crowe! No Home In This World.

A cheeky trip to the White Peak in Derbyshire? A year in photography and poetry - don't mind if I do. Simon's Corble's artist book.

Now for the non-fiction because, naturally, I'm a northern editor...

Interviews with Small Press Publishers and honest advice. Small Press Publishing: The Dos and Don'ts.

Plus a short story pamphlet and a poetry pamphlet by myself, because why not! We are celebrating...

Thanks for celebrating with us all! Enjoy our Northern sale...

Isabelle xx

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