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Read for Pleasure: World Book Day fun!

We love this year's theme for World Book Day (Thu 7th March)- 'Read Your Way', because there really can be snobbery associated with the kind of books we read! I remember a time when Fifty Shades of Grey came out, and people swapped the dust jackets of Jane Austen novels or similar classics with Fifty Shades, to hide the fact that they were reading a (cheeky) romance haha!

So today I wanted to highlight a few of our titles which will raise your spirits, across our novels, short fiction and poetry, and if you read on to the bottom, we'll give you a lovely discount off them too.

First up, quirky dystopian novel 'New Gillion Street' by Elliot J Harper. Why will this make you giggle? Because life on another planet features a lot OF tea drinking and gardening. And our protagonist Albert gets so drunk he believes his neighbour's garden gnome is talking to him - and our gnomey friend LOVES to swear. Also expect alien dictators and gorgeous forest descriptions. Have a nosy here.

Next up is a very cosy and inspirational fantasy which follows a bad-ass 100-year-old woman, or Professor Wendowleen Cripcot to you, and her sentient Wolf, who loves a sausage. When she leads an underground rebellion against the state, which wishes to restrict the people of all freedom, she shows that we are never too old to be inspirational. Plus there are some mouth-watering descriptions of chestnut broth and a really lovely festival called Artomia. Check it out here.

Next up is short story collection, 'The Truth Has Arms and Legs' by Alice Fowler - our 2023 bestseller. These are stories of resilience and change, and the tender moments of love have really captured the hearts of book clubs around the country. Dive in here.

For anyone who feels their heart lies in Manchester and all its creative spirit, the artwork, photography and poetry from the city in 'Mancunian Ways' will inspire you. A gorgeous A4 book available here.

Last but not least, if you are a film buff, and you have ever laughed at how Hollywood presents women, this is the poetry book for you. In this chapbook, Helen Bowie composes a love letter to the poorly-scribbled female characters of Hollywood and beyond, who exist solely to move the plot along. These witty poems navigate the eco-systems that women navigate. They ask us to think: what do the roles we see on stage and screen tell us about the roles expected of women in society? Check it out here

Now if you like the sound of more than one book here, we have just the thing - buy 2 and get the third book absolutely free, until midnight Friday 8th of March! Code for checkout; WORLDBOOKDAY

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