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Novel Consultancy: Is your novel a good fit?

We are excited to soon be opening our annual reading period for novels and novellas.

This will open on June 6th.

Each year, we receive hundreds of emails with questions. Writers want to know: should I submit my novel to you? Is it a good fit? Here is what it is about...

As writers, it is difficult to know if your novel will suit a particular publishing house. It is also tough to know if your novel is right to submit RIGHT NOW, or if it needs further work.

If you recognise these questions, then the below consultancy calls with myself, Isabelle Kenyon, may be of interest.

Consultancy calls:
40 minutes (taking place on Zoom or over the phone) £29

This will require you to send your synopsis and the first page of your novel to me 5 working days before our Zoom call.

We will cover:

  • Your synopsis: the potential strengths and weaknesses which I identity in your outline will be discussed and brainstormed with you.

  • A follow up email will outline helpful articles and materials based on your genre and that which we have discussed for your novel.

  • If we have time, we will discuss the style of your first page, looking at how to craft that important first impression for a reader.

Consultancy calls can be booked by emailing with the subject line 'Novel Consultancy'. Do indicate the best days and times for yourself between Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. If these times do not suit, do enquire as to availability on evenings up to 6.15pm, though this can't be guaranteed.

Unfortunately due to time constraints and the unpaid work involved, I will not be able to enter into email correspondence about your novel project outside of these booked slots.

Please do make a decision as to the suitability of your work based on our guidelines, and by reading our existing novels, if you do not wish to book a consultancy call with Isabelle.

Thank you!

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