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Meeting Confirmation required

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Please confirm your attendance to 'Powerpoint Eulogy', organised by Mark Wilson, in commemoration of Bill Motluck.

Bill Motluck was an employee. We unguardedly invite you to attend this presentation meeting.

We require that you stay in the meeting for three hours to commemorate the seventy years of his life. We recognise that no other employees truly knew Bill Motluck, but are glad to announce that emotive displays will be actively discouraged.

Exemplary extracts include:

'The meeting simply existed for as long as I could remember

And still exists since his passing

Though now there isn’t the same dread

That he would show up’

—Slide 1

‘It was on that day we learned he had ADHD

Or just took unprescribed medicine

We never found out one way or the other

But the project got finished'

‘What a sweet guy he was

To give us his pills

To help us complete our work’

—Slide 10

'He cooked a lobster in the shared microwave once


He programmed it for twenty minutes

“That should do it,” he said'

—Slide 34

During this solemn and important meeting, you will be treated to the summary of Bill Motluck's life. This should help the grieving process.

Join us, and be prepared to learn not only about Bill Motluck, but something about yourselves on the way. This presentation will be followed by the next eulogy. We have not decided for whom yet, but it will likely be decided by a round of Russian Roulette.

We look forward to your reply.

You must subscribe to the Shorts Season here in Bill Motluck's memory, or suffer public office shame when we call out the donors to his memory fund. Thank you for your understanding.

Falling short of this requirement, pre-orders will open for this specific title on February 19th 2021.

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