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Introducing Claire HM and ‘How to Bring Him Back’.

‘How to Bring him Back’ is a dark and lovable tale about a young woman who has just left university and is drifting. She works in a dive bar and finds herself caught in a love triangle between stable, kind Stadd and the more sexually exhilarating Rik. Exploring female desire and reflecting upon the damage people can inflict on each other in relationships, Claire is an exciting and bold writer, and we are delighted to have her on board for our Shorts Season.

If I was going to cast a spell tonight, this night of a full arse moon as stark and crunchy as a ten-day crust of snow, I’d start by telling the earth to spin in the opposite direction.
By what power?
By the power of my pen.

Claire HM teaches English and literacy to migrant communities in Birmingham. She has an MA in Creative Writing with Distinction from the Open University, which she completed in October 2019, and a BA in English Language and Literature from Birmingham City University. She has also studied both Gender and Education as a postgrad. She has been published in Magma and The Rialto as well as in the anthology I Wrote it Anyway. More recently, she has been featured in Black Flowers Literary Journal Vol. 6, Streetcake 68 and on Mooky Chick. She is on Instagram @clairehmwriter.

If you are interested in reviewing Claire's story, contact Isabelle Kenyon via
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