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Introducing 2021 Author Rachel Bower and ‘These Mothers of Gods’.

Delighted to welcome Rachel Bower to the Fly on the Wall Press family! This poetry collection is interested in the female experience and the concept of motherhood. It asks urgent questions about our collective responsibilities, existing power structures and inequality. We loved this collection as a tender and sensitive exploration of women’s lives, removing stigmas and societal shame from these voices.

Rachel Bower is a writer based in Sheffield and is the author of Moon Milk (Valley Press, 2017) and Epistolarity and World Literature (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). She teaches Creative Writing at the University of Leeds, and has been published widely in The London Magazine, The White Review, Magma, Stand Magazine, New Welsh Reader and English Studies. Rachel won The London Magazine Short Story Prize 2019/20 and the Writers & Artists Short Story Competition 2020 and is currently editing a poetry anthology with Simon Armitage. She is the current guest editor of The A3 Review and also founded Verse Matters, an intersectional feminist arts collective in Sheffield.

On her collection, Rachel said: “the book seeks to recover the lived experiences of women who have often appeared only fleetingly in official histories, and also pushes towards a more expansive understanding of ‘motherhood’, inclusive of broader urgent issues about gender and our collective responsibilities for lives, environments and natural worlds.”

To express early interest in reviewing These Mothers of Gods, you can email Isabelle Kenyon The collection will be released in July 2021.

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