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FOTW signs 'The Process of Poetry', a craft book edited by Rosanna McGlone

Fly on the Wall Press is delighted to announce the signing of 'The Process of Poetry', a craft book edited by Rosanna McGlone. This unique collection of interviews with contemporary poets at the height of their craft explores the process, form, and evolving style of their work.

Rosanna McGlone is a multi-talented writer and member of the Society of Authors. She has previously written for prestigious publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Australian. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of poetry, Rosanna has expertly curated this collection of interviews to provide a unique insight into the world of contemporary poetry. The book, which is set to be released in January 2024, will offer readers an in-depth look at the creative process of some of the most talented poets of our time such as Sean O'Brien, Liz Lochhead and Joelle Taylor. From first drafts to final versions, this book will showcase the evolution of their work and provide valuable insights for poets, writers, and poetry enthusiasts alike. "We are thrilled to be publishing this book and believe it will be an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the craft of poetry," said Isabelle Kenyon, Managing Director of Fly on the Wall Press. "Rosanna McGlone's extensive knowledge and experience in the field of poetry makes her the perfect editor for this project, and we can't wait for readers to dive into the insights and inspiration it will provide." For more information about 'The Process of Poetry', please contact Fly on the Wall Press. Fly on the Wall Press is an independent publisher based in the North of England. It specializes in political poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. With a focus on new voices and regional connections, Fly on the Wall Press is dedicated to promoting the best in contemporary writing, doing so in sustainable and accessible ways.

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