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Eco-Poetry at its Finest: Discover Julian Bishop's "We Saw It All Happen" - As Reviewed by Critics

Are you a fan of David Attenborough and his powerful documentaries that bring to light the dire state of our planet? Are you looking for a way to deepen your understanding of the environmental crisis and to feel more connected to the natural world?

Look no further than Julian Bishop's "We Saw It All Happen," a collection of eco-poetry that will transport you to the frontlines of the environmental holocaust and leave you feeling both moved and empowered. Critics have praised the book as "a call to arms" and "a digestible 'menu' of poems" that shines a light on the dark corners of climate change that we turn a blind eye to. Join us on this blog post as we explore the reviews of this must-read collection and discover how poetry can be a powerful tool for change.

  • "Seeing is believing, which makes foregrounding something that is usually invisible a powerful act. Flipping the beetles away serves as a vivid visual reminder of the extinction that humans are inflicting upon the insect world." - Review by,

  • "If you read one book this year, I would strongly urge you to read this one. Especially if you care about our planet and the environment." - Review by,

  • "This collection of poetry from Julian Bishop is full of passion, anguish, hope and awe as he shines a light on a climate in crisis." - Review by Instagram user @thehalcyondaysofsummer

  • "I was recently lucky enough to be asked to review ‘We saw it all happen’ by julianbishop321 and boy is this how #ecopoetry done 🌱 These poems are textured, with a landscape all of their own." - Review by Instagram user @scarlett.ward

  • "A fantastic and well written collection of Ecopoetry that I highly recommend. 4🌟's!" - Review by Twitter user @HollifieldOwen

  • "In his collection of ecopoetry, Julian Bishop presents us with a digestible 'menu' of poems - divided into three parts: 'A Taster', 'Mains' and 'Afters'. The poems are bound to fill you up and Bishop's writing will allow you to get a taste of sadness and humour, but also of hope." - Review by Library of Sylvia,

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