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Dystopian Worlds and Social Commentary: FOTW Seeks Political Fiction for Publication this Summer

Hello there, fellow political fiction writers! As we gear up for our upcoming novel submission window in June, we at Fly on the Wall Press wanted to take a moment to talk about our focus on political fiction. We believe that stories with a sprinkle of social consciousness and political engagement can be incredibly powerful in engaging readers and prompting them to reflect on the world around them. This encompasses terms such as social commentary or observation, as well as more overtly political storylines.

At Fly on the Wall Press, we believe that sometimes our very existence in a certain setting is political and that a story can be political simply in viewpoint. This year, we are particularly interested in works that explore climate anxiety and dystopian worlds, like 'The New Wilderness by Diane Cook.' Let's look at that novel as an example to get our brain cogs whirring...

In this book, the cataclysm of civilization has overwhelmed all but a single natural preserve called the Wilderness State, home to the last remnants of North American wildlife, and a small band of nomads called the Community. The main character, Bea, has made the impossible and inadvisable decision to join an experiment to save her daughter, Agnes, from the poisoned air of the City.

The novel explores that which distinguishes us from animals - if, indeed, anything does, in a state of wilderness.

As an indie press, we are passionate about publishing works that challenge readers and promote social consciousness. If you have a manuscript that you believe fits our vision, we encourage you to submit it during our novel submission window. Who knows, your work could be the next groundbreaking novel we publish!

2023 opening dates:

22nd April - 28th May 'Modern Gothic' anthology submissions (short stories)

1st June - 6th September midnight GMT: Novel and novella submissions

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