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Brexit: Changes to EU Shipping

From July 1st, there will be a VAT charge due on our books being shipped to the EU and we are truly very sorry about this.

There isn't accessible information available to small businesses yet on what we can do to pay for the VAT ourselves via a broker, and whilst we navigate finding out how to do this, we do not want our customers to be charged extra (the VAT) at their local post offices when the books arrive!

To avoid this, we advise EU readers from July 1st 2021 onwards to purchase paperbacks from online book retailers such as Blackwells , Waterstones or their local bookshop who will be able to order from our distributor, Ingram.

You can also purchase our ebooks VAT free.

We will update you as soon as we are able to.

We love you all and truly see ourselves as an international press. We are working hard to find answers to how a small press can survive this!

*If you are submitting a manuscript to the press this year from the EU, proof of purchase from any online retailer minus eBay (we don't get royalties from second hand books) will be perfect - or simply buy an ebook from our store.

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