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Blog Tour: The Colour of Hope by Jen Feroze

We are the last stop of this Kenyon Author Services Blog Tour, celebrating the release of poetry collection The Colour of Hope, by much-loved poet, Jen Feroze.

With 20% of the profits from this title going to Mind (such as our the Fly on the Wall Press anthology, Please Hear What I'm Not Saying) this book was close to our hearts!

Exploring mental health and small joys in lockdown, this book

has offered kindness and friendship to our reviewers this week. They said...

“Jen Feroze weaves together themes of nature, family, freedom and hope so seamlessly that we couldn’t stop from turning the pages. We both devoured it in one sitting...This book was an embodiment of a hug, and I didn’t realise how much we needed something like this until we read it... there is something so special about seeing happiness through the lens of other people. It was like we were seeing happiness for the first time again."

"I hope that The Colour Of Hope won't just be a record of one year, but will continue to quietly remind readers that true happiness is more often found through small acts and time spent with the people we love than as a result of grand, expensive gestures."

""I found these poems absorbing and highly relatable. I could smell, taste and reach out and touch all that was happening in each one. Feroze creates an immersive experience that radiates happiness, sunshine and positivity to keep you going."

""there are 45 poems here, each inspired by, and written for different people (all women I think, which is a cheering testament to female friendship which is a cherry on top of the cake for me)"

"Each poem also filled me with hope, hope for the future, where I can eventually see my family and friends again, go to the theatre, book signings or a concert; the small and bigger things of life that this poetry collection portrayed touchingly. As Feroze outlines in the Foreword, ‘This project started out as a way to cheer up a friend’. Publishing this collection has allowed this sentiment to be shared to all readers, to lift up their spirits."

Want to grab a copy of the book already?

Links for you -

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