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Blog Tour: Feverfew by Anna Saunders (Indigo Dreams Publishing)

Anna Saunders is a talented poet who Fly on the Wall has long admired. This collection with Indigo Dreams Publishing is no exception, weaving magic into its pages.

As part of Anna's Blog Tour, we wanted to share with you some of our favourite pieces from the book - and you'll able to find more information about the collection and the poet here as well!

‘Anna Saunders poems are all fire’ - Helen Ivory
‘Rich with obsession, sensuousness and potency’ - Ben Ray
‘These are plush and powerful poems.’ - Richard Skinner
‘A powerful, pivotal and urgent collection. The poems in Fever Few will make even the deathless Gods jealous of mortal experience’. - Paul Deaton

About Anna Saunders

Anna Saunders is the author of 'Communion', 'Struck', 'Kissing the She Bear', 'Burne Jones and the Fox' and 'Ghosting for Beginners.' She has had poems published in numerous journals and anthologies. Anna holds a Masters in Creative and Critical Writing from The University of Gloucestershire and is the CEO and founder of Cheltenham Poetry Festival.

Read and hear some poems from the collection here (Iambapoet, July 2020)

Extract from: I am pedigree I am snow fox I am Siamese

In the asylum they shave off my fur

so they can electric me.

When I mew they show me a clump

of blond in a flat palm and I say

I am pedigree I am snow fox I am Siamese.

3 poems from the collection published in Impspired here

Extract from: Is this the ebb, or flow?

We are manacled in green

the grass like an anchor, holding us to the earth

new buds on the magnolias break through

as the blossom sheds itself like skin cells.

You can follow the rest of the tour using the Twitter handles above for more insiders, reviews and interviews!

Order Signed from Anna Saunders here

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