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Aryamati Poetry Prize 2022 Shortlist Announcement

A big thanks to all who entered the Aryamati Poetry Prize this year: our search for poetry pamphlets on the theme of peace and social change, a prize in the namesake of poet and activist Olga Aryamati Kenyon.

This year will mark our second pamphlet chosen for publication, and saw the interpretations of social change and peace widen to explorations of mixed-race heritage and identity, community support across borders, illness and healing and more.

We have loved reading the anonymous entries and have decided on a pamphlet shortlist, the winner and runners up of which will be emailed on Wednesday 13th.

Dear Rwanda

In this poetry pamphlet, there was a real sense of place and atmosphere: 'the praying-mantis grips a candle' and a sense of things being done differently: 'peace is more important than justice'. Here, there is a culture of community which does not require 'thank yous'.

Unseen Veins

In this poetry pamphlet, the complexities of how we label ourselves and where we belong are laid bare. From the place where we are born, to our parents' heritage, to our name's origin, we are asked to 'choose a side'. This poet hopes for a world where their children can choose their own identity.

Secrets of the Dictator’s Wife

In this poetry pamphlet, we are privy to the secrets of a Dictator's Wife. Is she complicit? Do we trust her? She wonders if she has already reached the turning point of morality. It seems she will have to choose a side.

The A to A of Alzheimer’s

In this poetry pamphlet, the terrors of the familiar becoming unfamiliar, and that sense of reality slipping through memory loss, is explored delicately and with deep empathy. We are privy to the doctor's tests, the puzzling lists and clues and we feel a sense of claustrophobia throughout.

Asking Why? / Who Will Dare?

In this poetry pamphlet, the lines of war are debated. Truth is a slippery thing. There is an examination of art and statue throughout history, exploring how we 'remould' our history'. This poet does not shy away from presenting hard questions of war, colonialism and crimes against humanity to their reader.

A big thank you to these poets and to all who entered - we appreciate the quality of your work and the time you all dedicated to your entries!

We look forward to presenting our winners to you.

- Isabelle Kenyon

Managing Director of Fly on the Wall Press

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