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2022 poetry subscription: Excerpt from our first title

This year, we have two fantastic subscriptions available for lovely readers to get their hands on for a discount price than if they purchased each title separately.

The poetry subscription features 7 (yes - 7!) international titles. It includes both chapbooks and full poetry collections.

Here's what's included in the Fly on the Wall poetry subscription for 2022:

  • A Dedication To Drowning by Maeve McKenna (poetry chapbook, 36 pages)

  • Flame by Sundra Lawrence (Aryamati Poetry Prize winner, chapbook, 36 pages) Comes with signed postcard

  • Brave Little Sternums by Matt Broomfield (full poetry collection, with photography) Comes with signed postcard

  • Cracked Asphalt by Sree Sen (poetry chapbook, 36 pages)

  • (un)interrupted tongues by Dalbinder Kular (poetry chapbook, 36 pages)

  • Exposition Ladies by Helen Bowie (poetry chapbook, 36 pages) September 16th 2022

  • Climacteric by Jo Bratten (poetry chapbook, 36 pages)

To give you an idea of the quality writing you can expect to receive throughout the year, we're treating you to an excerpt from the first title. ‘A Dedication to Drowning’ is a debut poetry chapbook full of intimate examinations of one's most vulnerable self. ‘A Dedication to Drowning is due for release on 18.2.22.

Here's a sample poem, the titular 'A Dedication to Drowning':

Stretched like a drum

a coating of me covers

my skeletal frame.

For now, I am crouched

at the shoreline, the night

grips, my back a fist.

Out past the cut of land and sea —

where everything

was once you and nothing

was me —

a kind of balance prevails.

Not here, though. Not among

the creeping pull lapping

at my toes, luring me back

inside the silence of water,

the idle current a mouth

full of promises, echoing closer.

Now, I can’t trust my feet,

they are traitors, like my mind,

like your face.

Sand is under everywhere you are not

as I think of you then, swimming to shore,

your wide shoulders an Orca’s

tail slicing the surface,

your head rising through

the ripples.

You asked me once why I never swim.

I told you, drowning

twice takes dedication.

Political. Accessible. Sustainable. Here at Fly on the Wall Press, we pride ourselves on publishing quality writing from talented writers of all backgrounds.

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