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2022 fiction subscription: Excerpt from our first title

This year, we have two fantastic subscriptions available for lovely readers to get their hands on for a discount price than if they purchased each title separately.

The fiction subscription features 5 (yes - 5!) international titles. It includes 3 short story collection traversing the weird, wonderful and warm, and our FIRST EVER 2 novels.

Here's what's included in the Fly on the Wall fiction subscription for 2022:

  • ‘Snapshots of the Apocalypse’ short stories by Katy Wimhurst

  • Shorts anthology (Of Myths and Mothers by Kenzie Millar, Gaynor Jones, Sascha Akhtar, Clayton Lister and Helen Nathaniel-Fulton)

  • Liam Bell novel ‘Man At Sea’

  • Disobedient Women by Sangeeta Mulay (Novel)

  • I wanted to be Close to You by Katie Oliver (Short Stories)

To give you an idea of the quality writing you can expect to receive throughout the year, we're treating you to an excerpt from the first title. ‘Snapshots of the Apocalypse’ is a short story collection boldly going where nobody has gone before: an apocalyptic world featuring... knitting? And much more, of course. ‘Snapshots of the Apocalypse’ was released on 7.1.22, so you'll get this title right away if you choose to purchase our Fiction subscription now.

Here's an excerpt from the story 'The Job Lottery':

"In the vast, rectangular hall, a banner hanging from the ceiling

reads, EnCorp Wishes You a Good Lottery – Seize the Moment! Fancy kidding

myself I’m in control. Dad, who grew up in the time before EnCorp, can’t

get his head round the Lottery. Mind you, from what I’ve read, having a

choice of work back then wasn’t all it was cracked up to be either, at least

not for plebs like us.

My gut churns as I walk across the hall. EnCorp changes the way

the Lottery is done each year, supposedly making it ‘fun’ – last year we

chased numbered guinea pigs, and two years ago we had to search for coloured

ping-pong balls in a mountain of sand. This year a huge yellow paddling-pool

of water stands at the hall’s centre; on the surface are thousands of plastic

ducks – red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and white ones. I grab a butterfly

net from a basket that contains dozens of them, and head straight to the

poolside. People are snatching frantically at the ducks with the nets, while

mean-eyed security guards with batons watch over proceedings.

A gaunt man with bloodshot eyes hurls his net into the pool in

frustration. “This is ridiculous,” he shouts. He is quickly bundled away

by security guards to a Public Penance Trampoline. A dozen trampolines

are in the hall, all of them in use. Last year Ella had to bounce for telling

a security guard where to shove the Lottery. She finds it hard to keep her

mouth shut – that’s the difference between us.

One woman bouncing on a Public Penance Trampoline wears a

blue cassock which billows and shrinks like a swimming jellyfish as she

goes up and down. She speaks through a loud-hailer. “We’re not wor-

thy.” Bounce. “Need to better ourselves.” Bounce. “Work hard.” Bounce.

“Work sets us free.” Bounce."

Buying the 2022 Fiction Subscription gives you a saving of 16% on the purchasing of all titles individually. You can subscribe now for £41, and get titles right through to December of this year. Perfect as a treat for yourself or a gift for another!

Political. Accessible. Sustainable. Here at Fly on the Wall Press, we pride ourselves on publishing quality writing from talented writers of all backgrounds.

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