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All Things New with Fly on the Wall Poetry!

Fly on the wall is constantly evolving and shifting as new projects come into view!

This year alone, I have:

1. Signed a professional contract with Clare Songbirds Publishing House, New York, to release a chapbook, Digging Holes to Another Continent, this May, which can be pre ordered here.

2. Published Please Hear What I'm Not Saying, an anthology involving 116 poets and raising money for UK Charity, Mind. This book has been nominated for a Saboteur award and the vote closes on Wednesday 11th so your votes to win under 'Best Anthology' would mean the world! This could really be a chance to give mental health and the writing of 116 poets, a platform. Vote here.

3. Become part of a judging board for the first international poetry competition by WeArtFriends, which you can enter here.

4. Performed my first spoken word at 1000 Monkeys, Guildford.

5. Opened my first literary festival for Coventry Cathedral's Plum Line and Poetry Festival. (I am set to perform at New Mills Art Festival in September and to perform at the Saboteur Awards all day festival on May 19th, London - come along!)

As always, I am completely open to what you want to see on my blog, and for working collaboratively with other writers. Keep in touch! You are all so important to me, by just reading this.

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