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AutoCAD doesn’t have to be difficult to use. Markup Assist helps you become more productive by making it easier for you to select and modify the content you need. Drag-and-drop selection of text, graphics, arrows, and symbols, along with formatting options such as color and font, makes it easy to refine what you’ve drawn or select important information.Quick-selection tools and copy and paste commands make it fast and easy to copy and paste or import content from other files, as well as for you to copy, move, and delete the content that you want.Icons:Icons give you many options for toolbars and menus, and show you exactly what the command does. Plus, you can resize and reposition icons to your liking, and you can change the color of the toolbars and menus to match your style.Interactive Guidance:Enhancements to the landmark tool and grips for less misspelled objects. (video: 3:30 min.) With guides, you can quickly and easily design products with a precise fit. And, you’ll have even more confidence that the shape of the product will match your expectations.Enhancements to the dimension tools, making it easier to use dimensions.Geometry:Tightly tied to the new dimensioning tools, the geometry tools now support calculations, planar projections, and simplify the way you draw curved surfaces.Enhanced help for the powerful plane command, which makes it easy to understand and use complex formulas.Enhanced perspective tools, which make it easier for you to design accurately.Enhancements to the presentation tools, including multi-image print previews, and print layouts that you can share with others.Markup Assists:Selecting text and graphics, setting text attributes, and deleting text and graphics are all easier. Add comments to your drawings with the new Comment Assist tool. And, with enhanced commands, you can select multiple elements for commenting, and you can easily delete comments when they are no longer needed.Selecting multiple elements for commenting, and you can easily delete comments when they are no longer needed.A new page layout assistant helps you to design layouts for presentation or publication.Set-up, Start, and Manage Exits:You can configure and manage options in dialog boxes 2be273e24d

AutoCAD X64 (Updated 2022)

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