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The Gothic Tales Anthology

In 2023, we will be moving our curated anthology series (see Of Myths and Mothers and The Ones Who Flew The Nest, as well as our 2021 shorts season) into a call out with a particular theme. This year, we are preoccupied with the gothic, and what that can reveal about society and the taboos we hold. Think Angela Carter, psychological thriller meets literary fiction and above all, bring us characters with deeply complex fears and desires that keep us up all night.

Anthology submissions: 22nd April - 28th May, midnight GMT

Gothic writing is a genre of literature that emerged in the late 18th century and is characterised by certain traits, including:

  1. Dark, ominous settings: Gothic literature often takes place in gloomy, foreboding settings such as castles, graveyards, and other spooky locales.

  2. An atmosphere of mystery and suspense: Gothic literature typically features a pervasive sense of unease and tension, with a sense that something terrible is about to happen.

  3. Supernatural or inexplicable events: Ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural phenomena are common in gothic literature.

  4. Psychological complexity: Characters in gothic literature often have complex inner lives, with hidden fears and desires that drive their actions.

  5. Violence and horror: Gothic literature frequently depicts violent or horrific events, often with graphic detail.

  6. Romance and love: Many gothic novels feature romantic elements, with doomed love affairs and tragic endings.

  7. An emphasis on emotions and the imagination: Gothic literature often explores the power of the imagination and the intense emotions that can arise from fear, desire, and passion.

  8. The use of symbols and metaphor: Gothic literature often relies on symbols and metaphor to convey its themes and messages, with objects such as dark mirrors, haunted paintings, and cursed jewellery serving as powerful symbolic elements.

Past anthologies:

We look forward to reading your work! In order to submit you must have purchased a book from us in 2023.

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