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Spotlight on Liam Bell: An Author Soaring with Gripping Historical Dramas and Thrilling Suspense

At Fly on the Wall Press, we take immense pride in introducing exceptional authors who captivate readers with their unique storytelling abilities. Today, we shine the spotlight on Liam Bell, an author whose literary prowess has garnered attention and acclaim. With his powerful narratives and gripping plots, Bell has made a lasting impact on audiences and garnered the attention of national press.

"Man at Sea" - Historical Drama (June 2022):

We are proud to have published Liam Bell's debut novel, "Man at Sea," which struck a deep chord with readers and critics alike. This historical drama takes us on a journey of love and revenge as we follow Stuart, an ex-RAF pilot, across the landscapes of war-torn Malta.

Set twenty years after the war, British widower Beth embarks on a search for her long-lost stepson, accompanied by her loyal friend Stuart. As their paths intertwine, Stuart's true feelings for Beth emerge, but a shocking revelation about the soldier who caused his wartime scars forces him to confront a difficult choice between love and revenge. You can grab a copy of Man at Sea here or from any major retailer.

"The Sleepless" - Thriller (September 2023):

Building on the success of "Man at Sea," Liam Bell's latest work, "The Sleepless," promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats. This gripping thriller delves into the intriguing concept that sleep might just be a social construct. We follow single dad Grafton, a dreamer longing to be a true journalist, as he investigates a powerful cult in search of his missing wife. Unraveling the mysteries of a Scottish commune that rejects sleep as part of a toxin cleanse, Grafton uncovers a sinister truth lurking beneath the surface. As the commune's dark governance thirsts for blood, Grafton must race against time to save his family from their clutches.

Bell's evocative writing style and knack for weaving suspenseful tales have not gone unnoticed. "The Sleepless" has already attracted attention from TV networks and audiobook companies, a testament to its thrilling premise and immersive storytelling.

Readers who relish page-turning suspense with a touch of folk horror will find themselves engrossed in "The Sleepless." With its chilling atmosphere and intricate plot, this novel will appeal to fans of Emma Cline's "The Girls" and Fred D'Aguiar's "Children of Paradise." Pre-orders available here and from any major retailer.

Stay tuned for Liam Bell's upcoming Scottish bookshop tour, featuring appearances at Waterstones and independent bookstores, as well as an exciting international 14-day blog tour alongside 'The Unpicking' by Donna Moore.

Liam Bell continues to mesmerize readers with his enthralling storytelling. Join us on this literary journey and discover the talent and imagination that make his works truly unputdownable.

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