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Making this our year...

Why do small publishers exist? To fill a hole in mainstream publishing? To publish diverse authors, multi-genre titles, 'risky' non-commercial plots which challenge a reader? To be accessible, to elevate writers, to provide opportunities?

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this, in a world revolving around profit, which often puts up more obstacles for small press publishers than it does opportunities.

For every reader who reads a indie book, of any genre, and thinks: yes, I identify with this. Or, this story needed to be told, we keep going.

This is a year when anyone working within in the Arts has suffered considerable financial loss, and a year in which we are living with the consequences of a government which does not adequately value artistic talent by funding it. By elevating it.

What can we do to help ourselves, as consumers of culture? There was a drive in December 2020 to buy local, to buy indie for Xmas, and why can't this commitment continue into 2021? Why can't we boycott huge corporations (who don't pay their taxes...) and gift from independent businesses, for birthdays, cheer ups, anniversaries and more?

We need resilience, we need business plans, but most of all we need loyalty.

I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who offers support to small press publishers - it is only with our reader's support, word of mouth, reviews, social media hype and bums on seats at our events, that we can grow.

I feel the mission of Fly on the Wall Press is intrinsically linked with a more personal relationship with readers and one which is always open to discussion. I love hearing about what you want to read next, what excites you about our current plans, and your project ideas.

I hope in 2021 to connect with more of you and to make the Press a publisher which is both accessible and challenging in its texts, and in the conversation we generate.

(2021 Line Up of Authors)


Isabelle x

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