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Launch Day for Vertigo To Go By Brendon Booth Jones

Vertigo To Go By Brendon Booth Jones, is a new Hedgehog Poetry Press collection, and surely one of the highlights of the Autumn Poetry Publishing season. I wanted to help Brendon celebrate today, on his launch day, by telling you more about the collection!


Vertigo to Go is a timely and searing examination of the current state of the world, seen through the eyes of a young protagonist dealing with grief, addiction, loneliness and madness in the face of invasive technologies, vast systemic inequalities and environmental crisis. Vertigo to Go is a lyrical hymn to the power of poetry to sublimate pain and fear into art that is unafraid to confront the problems of the world.

Author Biography:

Brendon Booth-Jones is a New Zealand-born Irish-South African poet who lives in Amsterdam. Brendon won the White Label Trois Competition for his debut poetry collection, Vertigo to Go, published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press in October 2020. His work has appeared in Anti-Heroin Chic, Amaryllis, As It Ought To Be, The Bosphorus Review, The Blue Nib, Fly on the Wall, Ghost City Review, The Night Heron Barks, Scarlet Leaf Review, Zigzag and elsewhere.

Find him at, on Facebook @brendonboothjoneswriter and Twitter @BrendonBoothJo1


Vertigo to Go offers a fast-paced and arresting snapshot of adolescence, exploding at the same time any comfortably nostalgic remembrance of a youth culture haunted by a deluge of microplastics and escalating species extinction. Booth-Jones skilfully combines humour with a genuine sense of pathos about the current environmental crisis and multinational capitalism.

-Dr. Emelia Quinn, Co-editor of Thinking Veganism in Literature and Culture

Vertigo To Go is a tender and intimate, but also visceral and thought-provoking, testament to Booth-Jones’ exquisite ability take us on a journey of growth and reflection. It will force you to confront parallels in your own lives, may even floor you with emotions you had not expected to feel, but will definitely leave you satisfied at the end.

-Dr. Cyren Wong, Founder of NatureTalksBack

The stage set in Vertigo to Go is NOW but the song is a timeless one. I hear my own voice in every line.

-Charlie Calder-Potts, creator of Singing Some Endless Song

More Information and signed copies available from author website -

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