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Introducing...Tina Otito Tamsho -Thomas and 'Someone Is Missing Me'

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

In January 2021, we have a very special released planned from Tina Otito Tamsho-Thomas.

Tina Tamsho-Thomas is the founder of Theatre of Colour and an acclaimed published writer, poet and spoken word performance artist. She is also a BBC trained radio producer, human rights ambassador and arts consultant. Tina’s bibliography includes: No Blue Memories, Sexual Attraction Revealed, Someone is Missing Me and Dancin in Sepia Dreams. She has been commissioned by the likes of the V&A Museum, Manchester International Festival and the University of Malawi.

Tina writes about the rationale behind upcoming collection, 'Someone Is Missing Me':

My forenames Tina Otito both mean truth reflecting my dynamic Nigerian Irish

culture, a double blessing for a conscious writer.

Separated from my excluded, Nigerian father in childhood, much of the collection explores love, grief and loss, often expressed with tongue in cheek humour.

An empowering creative problem solver, writing enables me to make abstract

thoughts, feelings and emotions tangible and raise awareness of cutting-edge human

rights, race, gender and class issues.

As a student, influenced by Surrealist art and James Joyce, Stream of

Consciousness highlights my interest in psychology and quirky sense of humour

illustrated by Thought Process, Insen(si mi)lia Dream, Love Bang Thang and Lovers

Tiff Alfresco.

Professionally critiqued as a Bridge between Cultures, work reflects my

unique insights, innovative writing style and performance acumen.

‘Tamsho-Thomas is one of 5 key poets in the anthology’ - Sexual Attraction Revealed. Amazon
‘Lacing her cutting-edge with tongue-in-cheek humour…no room for generalisations’ - African-centred review
‘Tina’s performance arrests the political agenda with style’ - National Kenyan Mothers of Political Prisoners Campaign

Delighted to welcome Tina to the Fly on the Wall Press family and we look forward to introducing you to this gorgeous collection!

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