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Introducing our 2022 Short Story Collection Authors!

...And one we've squeezed into 2023!

The short story collections we've chosen these year are quirky and innovative. From speculative fiction, weaving feminism and the natural world, to literary fiction, spinning tales of claustrophobic relationships, these collections contain stories you'll struggle to put down.

Katie Oliver on her collection: I WANTED TO BE CLOSE TO YOU

(Released December 2022)

I WANTED TO BE CLOSE TO YOU examines the experience of connection: with ourselves, others, places, the past - sometimes welcomed, often unwanted. With a strongly feminist slant, themes of identity, bodily autonomy, personal safety and motherhood feature throughout, frequently explored via the prism of the natural world.

Victoria Richards on her collection: 'Sylvia Plath watches us sleep, but we don't mind '

(Released February 2023)

Sylvia Plath watches us sleep, but we don't mind is the result of a couple of years of early child-rearing, during which I took to 'haunting' my own windows at home in the middle of the night, in those 'witching hour' moments when it feels like nobody else in the world is awake. I found I had so many tumbling thoughts and ideas, words that wouldn't wait – half-sketched stories and poems which bled through the 'notes' section of my iPhone and then swiftly developed a life of their own on the page. I am so grateful that Fly on the Wall have decided to take a chance on these sleep-deprived tales, ideas that appeared as ghosts and wouldn't leave me alone until I gave them space to breathe.

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