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Introducing Kevin Crowe and 'No Home In This World'

Kevin Crowe first came to my attention after he submitted an excellent dystopian short story to our magazine 'Chaos' which you can see here - I mentioned to him that we had submissions open for short story collections and was delighted when he did submit because I loved his other stories just as much.

Kevin perfectly sums up the aims of Fly on the Wall Press – to highlight underrepresented voices, to generate conversation about current issues and to fight for social justice. The stories in this collection are unafraid to look at huge subjects such as terrorism, our prison system and sentencing, sexuality and HIV. The stories are vivid, engaging and lovable. I'm very excited for you to read this collection in June!


Kevin lives in the Scottish Highlands with his husband Simon. He has worked in factories, behind bars, in youth work and social care and with his husband ran a bookshop and restaurant for 15 years. He is now retired. He has had fiction, non-fiction and poetry published in numerous outlets and is a regular contributor to the Highland LGBT magazine “UnDividing Lines”.

He has recently read from his work at the Scottish Parliament, Glasgow's Aye Write Literary Festival and the John O Groats Book Festival. A lifelong Socialist, he has over the years been involved in a wide range of campaigning on issues including, among others, homelessness, anti-war initiatives, trade union rights, freedom of speech, HIV/AIDS and LGBT rights, and is currently a volunteer at his local food bank.

He loves reading and has catholic tastes, but particularly enjoys the poetry of William Blake and W. H. Auden; the novels and short stories of Charles Dickens, Franz Kafka and O. Henry and anything written by Oscar Wilde. He enjoys folk, blues and country music, and the songs of Bob Dylan. He is a big cricket fan and after a few drinks has been known to bore people by describing the mysteries of wrist spin and swing bowling.

Kevin Crowe's exciting short story collection will be released in June 2020. Keep an eye out!

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