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Introducing 2021 Author Morag Anderson and ‘Sin Is Due to Open in a Room Above Kitty’s’.

Scottish poet Morag Anderson explores relationships and the damage people can do to each other in her brand new chapbook coming out in 2021 with Fly on the Wall. Through her poetry, Morag considers concealed violence, love and everything in between. It is split into three sections ‘Beginning’, ‘Middle’ and ‘End’, taking the reader on a journey through many lives.

New Year

You see:

of two women in The Winged Ox. Molasses light on crescent cheeks,

plum blush and plump lips, lucent throats against matt black.

I see:

a still frame of silent violence.

Faces burning with a love that does not exist,

fists clenched, knuckles blanched.

One word too many, a thousand too few.

You see sisters washed in colour.

I see sisters washed of each other.

Morag Anderson is an emerging Scottish poet based in Highland Perthshire. The relationship between land, sea, and people influences her writing. Her poetry has appeared in Popshot Quarterly, Skylight 47, Finished Creatures, Fly on the Wall, and The Scotsman as well as several anthologies. She was shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize 2019, won Over the Edge New Poet and the Clochoderick Poetry Prize. As part of Hamish Matters, she performed at StAnza Poetry Festival 2020. She is a member of the poetry collective, Poets’ Abroad.

To register your interest in reviewing Morag's chapbook, set for an August release, get in touch with Isabelle Kenyon at

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