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  • Daisy Simpson-Talmer

Fly on the Wall's Summer Sale

Summer is in full swing, and what better way to celebrate sunny days and long, lazy afternoons than with a book in hand? We're thrilled to present our Summer Sale, featuring, featuring a selection of thought-provoking and heart-stirring reads that will make your days even brighter.

Light blue graphic with the cover for 'Alcoholic Betty' by Elisabeth Horan on the right.  Text reads 'Alcoholic Betty by Elisabeth Horan, £5.00 "A very visceral, at times moving read, where the reader shares the journey of an addict fighting their instincts and reaching for something more". - Paul Robert Mullen'

Alcoholic Betty by Elisabeth Horan

Original Price: £10.00 | Sale Price: £5.00

The brave and vulnerable poetry collection of Elisabeth Horan's past relationship with alcohol. Unflinchingly honest, Horan holds a light for those who feel they will not reach the other side of addiction.

Light blue graphic with the cover for 'No One Has Any Intention of Building a Wall' by Ruth Brandt on the left.  Text reads 'No One Has Any Intention of Building a Wall by Ruth Brandt, £3.19 "Always subtle, with a deft understatement and a pared-back style, these are stories that open up our understanding of how we are. They are quietly unforgettable." - Jonathan Davidson'

No One Has Any Intention of Building a Wall (eBook) by Ruth Brandt

Original Price: £3.99 | Sale Price: £3.19

Ruth Brandt’s debut short story collection tackles stubborn, impulsive and adrenaline-seeking human nature. From the formation of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the early life of Turing, to modern day families, Brandt lays bare the social systems and customs we live by.

You can find the paperback (£4.45) on Amazon!


The House with Two Letter-Boxes by Janet H Swinney

Original Price: £9.99 | Sale Price: £7.99

Set in the North East of England, these are dark, dangerous and witty tales of a close-knit community. Here, neighbours have sharp tongues, suspicious minds and hidden talents. This a place where money doesn’t grow on trees and where women and girls endure a damn sight more than anyone should have to. But kindness can still

come from unexpected quarters...


Embrace the long days of summer and the joy of reading with our Summer Sale! These books are the perfect companions to enrich your summer days, intriguing pieces that will transport and challenge you, lingering long after the final page is turned. Happy reading!

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