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Fly on the Wall Press Commits to Sustainable Publishing in 2024

Manchester independent publisher Fly on the Wall Press has announced its pledge to deepen its position as an eco-publisher in 2024, through a recommitment to its sustainable publishing practices and championing voices that challenge the status quo.

As an independent publisher, Fly on the Wall Press is deeply committed to social activism and has published political fiction and poetry that addresses global concerns. Now, on the heels of COP28 and with the publishing industry sharing a renewed focus on sustainability, Fly on the Wall Press will further its efforts beyond its current sustainability accomplishments, including its community outreach through Climate Anxiety Workshops for local schools.

The publisher has been committed to sustainability since its inception in 2018, with social action integral to all Fly on the Wall Press titles. All books are both produced and shipped sustainably, using carbon-neutral, plastic-free, 100% recyclable packaging. To minimise waste, Fly on the Wall Press goes to print with amounts determined by bookshops and customer interest in pre-orders, and the team’s workspaces are powered by renewable energy.

Furthermore, Fly on the Wall Press has joined more than 160 industry signatories through Publishing Declares Climate Action, pledging to achieve Net Zero before 2050. Not only this, many Fly on the Wall titles fundraise for charities, which also serves to support the publisher’s carbon off-setting efforts; £1450 has been raised through book sales such as Planet in Peril and Climacteric by Jo Bratten, which donate to WWF and The Climate Coalition respectively.

With more climate-focused publications on the horizon, Fly on the Wall Press has published a number of eco-fiction and poetry titles, generating necessary conversations and inspiring future generations:

"Visceral, honest and true" - Yorkshire Post

"Oliver’s universe is surreal, fetid, and teeming with organic purpose" - The Yorkshire Times

"A powerful collection that manages to find ways to explore ‘gloomy’ subject matters in a way that is both meticulous and playful" - The Indiependent

"Climacteric is a proper poet’s collection" - Here Comes Everyone

"The many photographs included of our world and the beautiful creatures that inhabit it are a joy to peruse" - Never Imitate, Jackie Law

In the local community, Fly on the Wall Press will continue its popular Climate Anxiety Workshops, funded by Writerz and Scribez, helping young people navigate the complex emotions surrounding climate change by introducing them to the liberating power of harnessing one’s creativity.

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