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Blog Tour: The Streets, Like Flowers, Come Alive In The Rain

We are delighted to be part of Steve Denehan's blog tour for his brand new poetry collection, The Streets Like Flowers, Come Alive in the Rain!

This is available from Potter's Grove Press (official release date April 6th) and online international book retailers. ($3.99 – $15.99)

I rarely sit down to write a poem. I generally just wait for them to come along. The majority of these poems came together quickly and were often written in batches. In saying that, I hope there is variety here. The usual things are covered: love, hate, spite, rage, hope, the wonder of small things, the passing of time, how reggae is the worst type of music, but hopefully they are considered and written about in unusual and interesting ways. Either way, they are honest, from the heart, and maybe, more importantly, the stomach.

~ Steve Denehan

Sample Poems -


She came up with the theory of reincarnation

by herself

she is seven-years-old

I listened to her calmly tell me

that maybe when we die

we leave ourselves

to come again as a lizard or a bird

or even a tree

as trees are living, breathing things too

it made sense to her

and halfway, to me

so, I let her keep it

didn’t contradict her

because, after all

what do I know?

later that evening

while she wriggled to sleep in her bed

I thought of religion

I considered how

if their foundations can be born

in the mind of a seven-year-old

well, they absolutely must be wrong

or right


She can't tell the time

not yet

I have tried to teach her

but my heart was not in it

I'm not sure she needs to know

not yet


the most human of constructs

can do what it does best

hide in shadowed doorways

sit on frozen sunrays

lie underneath the lawn

sleep beyond the dawn


can wait

We hope you have enjoyed these poems! Pick up a copy of Steve's poetry collection and follow the rest of the tour for personality-filled reviews!

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