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Blog Tour: Anatomy of a Dress by Juliette van der Molen

Published by Hedgehog Poetry December 16th 2019

Delighted to celebrate the publication of Juliette van der Molen's 'Anatomy of a Dress' (Hedgehog Poetry) today by sharing an extract from this important book!

About the book:

This poetry speaks about the poet’s own struggle and the difficulties that many other women face when making a decision which most men would consider simple— What should I wear today? Anatomy of A Dress explores messages sent and interpreted regarding how women have historically been encouraged to dress, mainly for the pleasure and subjugation of the patriarchy. Poems for this book were written as the final culmination of thoughts and research that developed over a couple of years.

My Hem

my hem is not

the waterline

of marked desire

or intention

it is just

a finished

edge that falls




it is not

a signal

to send hands

into a

traffic pattern

or to


it is not up

for debate


for speculation,

it asks

for nothing.

About the Author:

Juliette van der Molen is an ex-pat poet currently living in the United Kingdom. She is an intersectional feminist and member of the LGBTQIA community. Her work has also appeared in Burning House Press, Memoir Mixtapes, Collective Unrest and several other publications. Her books include: Death Library: The Exquisite Corpse Collection, Mother, May I? and the forthcoming Confess: the untold story of Dorothy Good. You can connect with her through Twitter via @j_vandermolen and at her website

Where to buy the book:


Hedgehog Poetry Press

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Jasmine Coates
Jasmine Coates
05 avr. 2021

I delight in the content on your site. Just love your words about Clothing and Fashion.

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