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Announcing the 'Modern Gothic' Anthology: A Haunting Collection of Short Stories from Fly on the Wal

Manchester, 13th of June 2023 – Fly on the Wall Press is thrilled to unveil the writers selected for the highly anticipated 'Modern Gothic' anthology. This captivating collection of short stories brings together a diverse group of talented authors who will delve into the depths of the gothic genre, for a modern readership. The anthology will be released on the 11th of October 2024.

Selected from a pool of remarkable talents, the writers featured in the 'Modern Gothic' anthology are:

Edward Karshner: An Associate Professor of English at Robert Morris University, Karshner has an impressive portfolio that includes works in writing and Appalachian Literature. His fiction has appeared in esteemed anthologies such as Haints and Hollers, Shelved, and It Came from the Swamp. He is also a recurring columnist and featured presenter at the Amesville Writers' Workshop.

Pete Hartley: Hartley boasts an extensive writing career with numerous accolades, including winning the BBC Radio North West Playwriting Competition and the Cheshire Community Council playwriting competition. His plays, such as "Making the Grade" and "Gertie and the Guild Machine," have received critical acclaim and have been produced in various venues.

Michael Bird: Bird's fiction has been widely published in recent years, covering a range of intriguing topics from urban witchcraft to deranged fandom. His work has appeared in reputable publications such as Panel Magazine, Daily Drunk Mag, and Porter House Review. Bird is known for his ability to craft captivating narratives that delve into the depths of the human experience.

Rose Biggin: A talented writer and theatre performer based in London, Biggin's short fiction has garnered attention in various anthologies, earning her a spot on the recommended reading list for Best of British Fantasy. Her upcoming historical gothic novel, 'The Belladonna Invitation,' promises to captivate readers with its chilling atmosphere and intricate storytelling.

Lauren Archer: Based in Liverpool, Archer specializes in crafting gothic, surreal, and strange narratives. Her short story, 'Out of Water,' was published in the prestigious Crow and Cross Keys literary journal. In 2022, her short story 'The Allotment' was longlisted for the Mslexia Short Story Prize.

Lerah Mae Barcenilla: Raised in the Philippines before moving to the UK, Barcenilla's writing draws inspiration from magic, superstition, and mythology. Her work has appeared in Harana Poetry and has been recognized with awards such as the Creative Future Writers Award. Barcenilla's stories offer a glimpse into the rich cultural tapestry of her heritage.

Isabelle Kenyon, the curator behind this remarkable anthology series, shared her thoughts on the upcoming publication: "This year we moved our curated anthology series into a call out with a particular theme. We’re excited to explore the gothic genre, and what that can reveal about society and the taboos we hold. Think Angela Carter, psychological thriller meets literary fiction and above all, characters with deeply complex fears and desires!”

To request an ARC of ‘Modern Gothic’ please email

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