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Anne Walsh Donnelly Wins 2nd Prize in the Poetry Book Awards!

Second place! To say we are delighted for Anne is an understatement. ‘The Woman With the Owl Tattoo’ is a bold and touching collection of poetry, and recognition by this international and prestigious award is well deserved.

The book considers the end of the author’s marriage and what this has taught her, alongside what it means to discover a new sexual orientation in mid-life. It is both intimate and daring, and unflinchingly honest. If you haven’t got hold of a copy yet, we really recommend taking a look.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Here’s what the judges had to say about Anne’s work:

“There is the waitress, the vet’s perfume, a Kafka-like scrap with changing human relationships and the artist’s struggle for recognition in a world of unbelievers and doubters.  This is brave, in-your-face poetry and I love it.
The author has endured and triumphed. There is a light in the cave and a reason to be proud. An excellent poetry collection and a worthy 2nd place winner."

You can read the rest of the judge’s notes here.

‘The Woman with the Owl Tattoo’ is available from the Fly on the Wall shop, Amazon or Waterstones Online.

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