A homage to Emily Dickinson: Elisabeth Horan launches book ‘Odd list, Odd house, Odd me’

Fly on the Wall Poet, Elisabeth Horan, first found the inspiration to put pen to paper after reading the work of Emily Dickinson. Relating to the emotion of Dickinson’s work, Horan is set to release her own powerful collection on June 21 with Twist in Time Press.

Horan found herself writing in response to Dickinson’s work almost as a love poem. Horan said: “They come out in love and respect her – sensual, erotic, this is a tribute to her style and I wish I could write like her. I thought about her phrasing but I wanted to use my own voice. I learned from her.”

Johnny Longfellow, Editor of Midnight Lane Boutique said, “Elisabeth Horan’s Odd List, Odd House, Odd Me is a splendid example of how to write a homage to a great writer, in this case, Emily Dickinson. Rather than working in the poet’s “common measure” hymnal form, and attempting to write mere stylistic knock-offs, Horan instead plays lightly with other devices commonly utilized by Dickinson. In these poems and many others, Horan takes a reader with her on a journey where she unflinchingly explores her own inner landscape, and alternately wrestles with feelings of intense wistfulness, ardor, and loss. In so doing, the ambivalence Horan confronts in these poems is more often than not left unresolved, as is the case not only with great poetry, but even more so, with life itself. With that in mind, this collection exemplifies how a contemporary poet can place one’s self under the tutelage of a canonized poet, and create a work of art that is rife with the spirit of a recognized great, yet simultaneously very unique, strangely beautiful, and wholly personal in nature. As such, I cannot recommend enough this fine collection of verse."

To pre-order a limited edition of ‘Odd List, Odd House, Odd Me’ go to https://twistintimemag.com.

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