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One year book birthday for 'Please Hear What I'm Not Saying'!

This time last year 'Please Hear What I'm Not Saying', a poetry anthology raising funds the UK Charity, Mind, was published, featuring 116 poets across the globe.

The anthology does not shy away from the realities of mental health and is divided into sections, the poetry feeling more positive throughout the book, with a focus on therapy and healing towards the end of the work. Since the book was published we have raised just under £600 for charity – an impressive figure which I'm keen to build on!

To celebrate this book birthday, I am running a giveaway. Below are the fantastic entries I have received so far. If you want to enter your micro poem of 10 lines or under, you can send your entry to with your address and your social media handles. Address your subject line as 'Micro poem competition'. Competition closes on February 24 and the winner will be announced on February 25.

PHWINS Anthology

Cloudy Mind

By Robin McNamara

Twitter: @robbiemac

Broken windows,

The wind rattles the

Rusted frames.

Religion on the TV

On this dead Sunday.

Life is closed today,

Quietness at the table,

The wind of this barren,

Dulled day howl louder,

On this dead Sunday.


By Dale Parnell

Do you see the fine thread

By which I hang?

A filament burning white hot,

Ready to break

And cast me into the abyss.


By Fokkina McDonnell

I’m scared of the voice that tells me to let go of the wheel.

It’s an old man’s, harsh, gritty, cold, pushing me.

That time: Monday, sunny, A487, heading for Portmadog…

throat, sweaty fingers, heat

Black figures carry bags home. Whatever home might mean.

Silence, only sirens calling. The dog-end of the year.

Falling is kind of doing something.

You can fall sideways, head first, backwards.

I have worked all these years to stay upright.

Running like a rabbit on a metal track.

The Worry Tree

By Jon Wilkins

As a device in mental health circles some bright

spark has developed the smashing idea of the worry tree

where, if you are anxious about anything in particular you come

up with an action plan and when you have that plan in place you

say to your doubting self can I do anything about this worry?

And if you can that’s fine, but if you can’t the answer is so simple,

you throw the worry away. So along with being asked if you have

thought about harming yourself due to your illness, or even ending your

bleak filled life you now have to nurture the roots of the worry tree

before you throw your worry away and are so miraculously Cured.

messed up

By Laura McKee in praise of the blur the imperfect edge where your hand or the breeze dared to shake


By Jeff Skinner

@JeffSquibby Twitter

I whisper for England

silence the crowd with my noise,

tamper with your playlist

on the bus. You can’t

shake me off, throw me up.

I’m in your face. In the tunnel

on your case. Nowhere’s safe.

Don’t ch-choke now.


By Louise Brown

Twitter @LouiseLawyer

That day was like a race of relay;

you the runner at the front;

sprinting to the finish line

like an Olympian;

the burning torch passed back to us.

Pain transferred;your story ended that day by suicide ; our new stories began.


By Rachael Ikins


still I weep “goodbye.”

still parting’s pain like

wet leaves you must

peel my fingers off your car one by one.

Invisible, my fingerprints swirl, curl

dust settles while your taillights wink.

From the outside (looking in)

By Juliette Sebock

Twitter @juliettesebock

I was having a bad day and

could hear the universe

collectively ask why,

and I didn't have an answer.

How can I explain that

a little bit of everything

seems to be wrong

when nothing really is?

From what they see,

I have no right to be sad.

Held Closed

By Maxine Rose Munro

Think of me as that kitchen drawer

jammed shut ever since you've known,

so long you've forgotten what's in there.

If you ever knew.

Superficially it's the same, but with added

hidden depths.

Forcing things to open won't work,

you know that. Use your hands with your heart

with your mind, take time to find what's held closed;

those things I keep inside.

Links to buy Please Hear What I'm Not Saying and support Mind:


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