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Yes, this is a spoof title of my 'outsiders' call out!

I wanted to keep you posted with the plans I have got for Fly on the Wall Poetry Press...

Fly on the Wall Poetry Press

The first thing is, I am seeking funding for the press. This will allow me to open chapbook submissions for the press, which will be free to enter, and will be aimed at socially engaged poetry, with 10% of the profits going to the charity of the poet's choice! This will be in keeping with the aims of a charitable press. Therefore I aim to the press to achieve an activist status, in its conviction that words have power to enact social change!

Funding would also mean I would be paying my anthology contributors for individual poems which is very important to me.

I will also be taking a part of the press online, starting in October. My online press will be inspired by the themes of past anthologies - mental health, and outsiders. This will allow those who would've liked to be part of the anthologies, all who are inspired by the poetry within them, to have their work published online. It is also a way of ensuring that the anthologies are continually updated in some way, to reflect our changing world.

Generally, I will be focusing on freelance editing, and I'm excited for the directions I can see myself going down in future!

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