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Visiting Venice for the arty traveller

Venice is a beautiful floating city full of culture. 

However, it is difficult to access this culture in such a tourist orientated city. 

The first thing you want to look at is the modern art gallery, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection. This is an easy waterbus trip to Academia (make sure you get a couple of days pass to avoid the steep €7.50 per trip). There you can spend time in the garden with neon art works and sculptures, as well as appreciating classic names such as Picasso and Jackson Pollark. 

For 2018 there is an architecture exhibition across Venice which is mostly free, and vast. You can follow the map of the locations and explore the island parks and buildings to see these pop up exhibitions. 

We visited the famous bookshop, Libreria Acqua Alta. This bookshop is famous for its satirical placement of books in bathtubs and gondola (to save them when it floods?!) It also has some bizarre books. Worth a visit!

Venice has 2 islands famous for the production of glass (glass blowing) and lace- Murano and Burano. These are worth a visit, even if you don’t access the museums there. Burano is especially picturesque with it’s multi coloured painted houses! If you have any top tips for arty travellers in Venice leave them in the comments below... 

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