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Chris Hopkins reviews 'Digging Holes To Another Continent'

A guest review from the talented poet that is Chris Hopkins! Chris gives his honest opinion on my new chapbook, Digging Holes To Another Continent, released May 25th.

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I was lucky enough to be asked to be an early reviewer of Isabelle new chapbook ‘Digging Holes to Another Continent’.

The chapbook relates Isabelle’s experiences while on a visit to the other side of the world. The poems are set up, as if polaroids of the trip, taking the from arrive to frolics on the beach but with it she packed sorrow in with her suncream with referring the loss of loved ones back home.

Isabelle’s poems explore the country side and culture of, to her, a foreign land, and plays with imagery of seas, shores and mountains. These places, these forces of nature are somehow reassuring for her to the sense of loss which the visitors bring with them. The book ends with the realism of coming home, being boxed in by grief, “and now her child inside is crying, raging”

While Isabelle’s poems may first come across as quietly spoken, there is a great voice here, which you are left with.

- Thank you Chris! Check out Hopkins' new release with Clare Songbirds below :)

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