Author Interview: Cheyenne Raine

1. Can you tell me what inspired your newest book, Charcoal Thunderstorms? charcoal thunderstorms was inspired by the first poem in the collection: “king of the wild things”, a poem that was rooted in the children’s book “where the wild things are” and this man i met, who had told me that it was his favorite book growing up. so, in charcoal thunderstorms, i wanted to capture that youth, the monsters, the magic, the dark, the stormy, the colors, the art and the wild. i could honestly say that writing for charcoal thunderstorms opened so many creative thoughts and ideas. i am so in love with how it all came together! 2. What do you love most about writing? i love that i am in control of where my words take me, yet, they surprise me as well. i like that i could be as detailed or as vague as i want to be, which makes it easy to leave things up to the imagination or to paint a clear picture in someone’s mind. writing is magic and i love to craft it! 3