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Author Interview: Cheyenne Raine

1. Can you tell me what inspired your newest book, Charcoal Thunderstorms? charcoal thunderstorms was inspired by the first poem in the collection: “king of the wild things”, a poem that was rooted in the children’s book “where the wild things are” and this man i met, who had told me that it was his favorite book growing up. so, in charcoal thunderstorms, i wanted to capture that youth, the monsters, the magic, the dark, the stormy, the colors, the art and the wild. i could honestly say that writing for charcoal thunderstorms opened so many creative thoughts and ideas. i am so in love with how it all came together! 2. What do you love most about writing? i love that i am in control of where my words take me, yet, they surprise me as well. i like that i could be as detailed or as vague as i want to be, which makes it easy to leave things up to the imagination or to paint a clear picture in someone’s mind. writing is magic and i love to craft it! 3. What book do you wish you had written and why? i wish i had written interview with the vampire. i recently (dec. 10, 2017) finished reading it and it has kept me inspired, entangled and in awe. the style, the scenery, the characters, the poetic thoughts. this book was beyond beautiful. i can only hope that my written voice grows into something similar to anne rice’s lovely style. 4. A silly one! What fictional character would you choose to be stranded with on a desert island? oh, this is a tough one! but, i think i’ll have to go with will graham, from the hannibal lecter series, book one red dragon. his mind is completely fascinating and his attention to details and the way his thoughts overlap and work together is captivating. passing time with conversations would keep me occupied! plus, he’s pretty handy when it comes to surviving, so that’s a plus! 5. How do you approach your marketing/small business development for your work? i really don’t have a set plan. if anything, the only things i try to keep on schedule are my weekly newsletter emails and a monthly spoken word video. other than that, i post and share everything based on my moods or feelings on when a good time to share things might be. i try to make my website user friendly, with links that take my viewers to wherever they are looking or exploring. i pretty much leave it up to my readers, viewers and strangers to decide whether or not they want to join my newsletter, subscribe to my youtube channel, purchase my books/ crafts, or read the articles from my blogs. authentic curiosity is my favorite way to bring new people in! 6. Where can we find you and what would you be doing when you're not writing? i reside in san antonio, texas. you can most definitely find me exploring local shops in and around the city. i try to make a regular habit of visiting austin and boerne, texas, as well. so, if anyone is looking to find me, just shoot me an email and we’ll plan a sweet adventure. i adore meeting my readers, and my fellow writers! also, i always have a pen in my pocket or purse, there is no rest for this creative mind! but, i do enjoy finding new foods to try, visiting handmade home decor stores and other small things. i like to take my mind and body on little adventures! 7. And lastly, can you share with us a poem you have written? i’ll share one of my most recent postings, because it is one of my favorites: you build bridges out of lightning and refuse to let the clouds sit on the river below. you shake the thunder out of the iron nails and hold the distance together with pieces of rain drops. most days your fists become bruised from pushing the storm into the mouth of the sky. — your knuckles are tangled with saltwater. More about the author: cheyenne raine’s main art is writing, but she loves to craft projects together and work with others. she loves tea and handwriting her work. she is an introvert, but adores and cherishes the moments she spends with others. most days there is laughter in her chest and daydreams spinning in her thoughts. you can find her and her other works at: books on amazon:

Thank you Cheyenne Raine! 

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